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Order Process & Shipping Questions


Dear customers,

Good morning, thank you for trusting SuperVigo.

We often receive replies from customers that "the jersey is almost the same as the official product", but its price is only one-tenth of the official store. We believe you will not be disappointed.

In order to allow customers to better understand the problems that will occur from the Successful Payment of the order to the receipt of the package, the following instructions are provided to the customer.

Our SuperVigo store usually uses Common Shipping as the shipping method, and the package will be delivered by the local post office upon arrival.

Under normal circumstances, after the order is placed and the payment is successful, it will take 17-21 working days for the package to be delivered. (This is an average calculated based on the actual delivery time of all customers. In fact, many customers can deliver within 17 working days, but some customers have a slightly longer delivery time). The specific process is shown in the figure below:


① After the payment is successful, you will receive a "Payment Successful" email.

② After delivery, you will receive an "Order Shipped" email, which contains the Shipping Numbers of your package, so you can track the logistics information.

③ Usually SuperVigo will choose air transportation as the transportation method, which is safer and faster than railway and sea transportation.

④ After you receive the Shipping Numbers of the order, you can click to view the logistics information in the email, or you can add the waybill number on the query website:, click to view the logistics in the email The box in the lower right corner of the message is translated into English.

⑤The preparation time of some products will be extended by 5-7 days due to inventory reasons. %_During November and December of each year, due to the increase in order volume, the preparation time takes more than 3-5 days. channelName% will minimize the time for product preparation and strive to deliver packages to customers as soon as possible. Since April 2020, although the epidemic situation has stabilized, small-scale epidemics still appear from time to time. The world is affected by the epidemic to varying degrees, and flights are often suddenly reduced. Due to cross-border transportation, our transportation timeliness will also be affected. Or during holidays, it will also affect the transportation time.


Regarding Transport information, when you encounter the following situations, please don't worry, your package is in transit. Please wait patiently for a few days before proceeding to verify your logistics information.

Question 1: After receiving the "Order Shipped" email, I paid attention to the Transport information without any updates.

Answer: Don't worry, the Transport information is not updated in time. It takes about 1-3 days.

Question 2: After the Transport information is updated to "Guangzhou City, has been delivered to the carrier", it will not be updated again.

Answer: Don't worry, your package has been delivered to the airline due to the reduction of flights and is waiting for the flight. It takes about 10 days. Please wait.

Question 3: After the Transport information is updated to "Received airline" or "Airline is shipping", it is not updated.

Answer: Don't worry, your package has been sent, it may have arrived in the USA (or the destination country), is waiting, or is clearing from the place of shipment, the local Transport information has not yet updated the time. It takes about 15 days. Please wait.

Question 4: The logistics information update shows "Arrival in USA (or destination country) delivery point", but the package has not been received for more than 1 week.

Answer: Don't worry, the package may have arrived at the nearest post office and you must pick it up in person. Please contact the local post office as soon as possible, so as not to sign for a long time, the package will be automatically returned.

Of course, you can also contact our customer service to help you answer any of the above questions. Thank you again for your purchase.

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